3D Printing & Scanning

Make your ideas come to life with 3D technologies available from NSMIT.  Professional level 3D printing and 3D scanning services provide the visualization to convey your ideas and inventions to others.

Two 3D print options are available:
    •    The Ultimaker printers are economical choices for printing models in ABS or PLA thermoplastic material. (Inquire about other materials)
    •    The 3DSystems ProJet 3510 is a high precision 3D printer capable of printing exceptional detail using a tough UV-cured acryic material.
Start printing in 3D by submitting your STL model file for a price quotation. Cost is based on materials used and print time.

One 3D scanning option is available:
    •    The HP/David 3D Structured Light Scanner is ideal for scanning objects of any size from a coin to a couch.
Scanning includes a NSMIT operator and is usually performed in the NSMIT office. Cost is based on time.

Advanced Multimedia Development Services are also available to assist with your 3D project.

Pricing is discounted for UH Affiliates (faculty, students, and staff).
Other types of 3D printing are available through our off-campus printing partners. Contact us for details.
For additional information, stop by the NSMIT Office at Fleming room 127, email “support@nsm.uh.edu", or phone 713-743-1618

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